Sunday, 18 January 2009

Step 5 ~ attaching the buttons

Tie a thread to a button/bead to match your design and push the needle through the centre of the biscornu.

finished top

Pull the thread out of the bottom and attach another button/bead. And then push the needle back through the centre.

finished bottom

Make sure the needle comes out through the button eye at the top and pull tight.

finished side view

The amount you pull the thread to tighten determines the shape of the biscornu. Repeat pushing the needle in and out of the biscornu to secure the buttons/beads and adjust the shape to your liking.

When satisfied bring the needle out through the bottom but not through the button eye and tie a knot around the base of the button to secure. Wrap a little of the thread around the button and then secure with a final knot.

Push the needle into the biscornu under the button and out somewhere else, squeezing the biscornu so that you have as little thread hanging out as possible. Trim the excess and relax your hand, the thread should disappear inside the biscornu.

If disfiguration has occured then simply squeeze the biscornu into the required shape.

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